When kids say they don’t like reading it is often because they have not found a type of reading that they can connect with. Books, magazines or comic books, it is important for the child to associate reading with a fun activity rather than forced and with only the purpose of obtaining a skill. It is of great importance to present kids with books that relate to their interests and personalities, but it can be hard for parents to know what these books are.
Raise a Reader is an app to help parents to guide their children through reading. The app gathers information on what books are relevant and might interest the child, gives tips on how parents can engage in the process and become more active in their community to promote reading.
The homepage gives tips and suggestions of activities that involve reading as well as suggestions of books. The search page is to search for specific books, magazines or comic books. In the bookshelf page each child has a separate bookshelf where it is possible to find the books that have been read, wish list and suggestions of books that would match the taste of each specific child. In the profile page it is possible to edit the likes and dislikes of the child so the book suggestions are accurate and relevant. It also contains a friends section so parents can connect and share books between themselves. The last page is for other relevant information such events at local libraries, charities and other information that would encourage the parents engage with their community and support other children that do not have the same support through learning.​​​​​​​
The advertisement for the app would be targeted at schools, nurseries, libraries and bookstores to get parents to know more about the app.