For my final outcome for the Visual Culture unit in the first year of university, I have redesigned the cover of the book Quarto de Despejo: Diário de Uma Favelada (2006) to capture the attention of an adolescent audience to Carolina Maria de Jesus’ work.
 I decided to create the lettering for the title and to have one typeface for the subtitle, author and synopsis. The lettering for the title is very expressive and I wanted this handwritten look to bring the idea of a personal note, as the book was originally a journal. The illustration on the cover was based on Carolina Maria de Jesus, showing only her most prominent characteristics. The colour yellow in the background was chosen in relation to one of Carolina’s notes in her journal: “What an amazing effect food has on our organism! Before I ate I would see the sky, the trees, the birds, everything yellow, after I ate everything became normal to my eyes” (2006, p.40).
Here are some ideas for a stationery line based on the book: